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Parental Involvement in Education[Part_1]

On this edition of Sense of Community, we'll be looking at parental involvement in education, its importance and its benefits. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

On this edition of Sense of Community, we'll be looking at parental involvement in education, its importance and its benefits. We begin at Rountree Elementary School in Springfield.

In the coming weeks, a group of parents will refurbish the teachers' lounge at Rountree.

Recently, they began their renovation project by cleaning out refrigerators and clearing out the lounge.

Amy Boyd and Cindy Hosmer are sisters who both have children at Rountree. They volunteered to help...Boyd speaks first.

Amy Boyd and Cindy Hosmer are both members of the Rountree Parent Teacher Association or PTA.

The president of the Rountree PTA is Kimberly Reese. She has a child in third grade and a child in fifth grade.

She says this latest project to refurbish the teachers' lounge is just the latest in a series of projects designed to improve Rountree's physical appearance.

This summer, Reese led a group of parents as they made improvements to the all-purpose room.

Reese says the improvements to the all purpose room had a direct benefit for students and staff.

She says improving the teachers' lounge will also benefit both students and staff.

One of Reese's jobs as PTA president is to reach out to parents and help them understand how they can get involved at Rountree.

She says parents need to make involvement in their child's education a top priority.

Teachers at Rountree say they appreciate the level of parental involvement at the school.

Julia Fuller teaches 1st grade.

Fuller says teachers are thankful for all the ways parents show appreciation for them.

She says parents need to be involved in their child's education both on school property AND at home.

She says it's obvious to teachers which students have engaged parents.

Those who study elementary and secondary education in an academic setting say parents need to make education a priority...That means being engaged with the PTA AND promoting education at home.

David Hough is dean of the College of Education at Missouri State University.

Hough says parental involvement is a major indicator of how successful children will be in school.

Join me this afternoon during All Things Considered as we continue our look at parental involvement in education. This program in our Sense of Community series is online at www.ksmu.org