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Pizza House Forced to Move After 50 Years

A long-time mom-and-pop pizzeria in Springfield received notice this week that it has just a few weeks to vacate its buildings. KSMU's Jamie Givens reports.

Stacey Schneider has been rolling dough at the Pizza House since she was fifteen years old and has managed the small restaurant for the past five years.

She says the employees of the nearly five-decade old pizzeria have a special way of doing business with their customers.

She calls it... "Giving customers a hard time and feeding them good food."

But soon, the restaurant that opened in 1958 won't be able to feed its customers from its current location.

The Pizza House was planning on celebrating its 50-year anniversary next month but, instead, is being forced to find a new building.

Springfield businessman Jim Morris owns the property and sent the pizza place and several neighboring businesses an eviction notice Wednesday.

Morris declined to comment on the eviction notice.

Schneider is optimistic, however, on the future of the Pizza House.

Schneider says she has already begun looking at other properties for the Pizza House to move to.

For KSMU News, I'm Jamie Givens.