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Police Surround Office Building Near Mo. Governor's Mansion

(UPDATE 5:30 PM Tuesday 11/10/09: The Jefferson City Police Department has held a news conference explaining that a woman from the building claimed to have heard over the intercom that there was a hostage situation in the building, which set off a chain of events leading to the lockdown. Officials are not using the term "false alarm," but there appears to have been no hostage situation, and no shots were fired.)

Police have surrounded a Jefferson City office building near the Governor’s Mansion and employees have been told to remain in their offices with the doors locked. KSMU's Jennifer Moore has details.

According to the Associated Press, an office worker who was evacuated from one of the lower floors says police told him that there was a hostage situation. Authorities have not confirmed that.

State workers are inside the building. Nearby streets are being shut down.

Phil Brooks, the longest serving journalist in the Capitol building, is on the scene and joined us by phone.

Brooks says it started when an alarm went off; dozens of police have cordoned off the Governor’s Office Building. That’s two blocks from the state Capitol Building. A number of state employees work in the Governor's Office Building, including the Public Service Commission.

Brooks says he has talked to one person inside the building who has been told to stay inside and lock the doors.

Dozens of police and Highway Patrol officers can be seen, as can a helicopter circling overhead.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore.