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Premiere of local film at The Moxie Apr 13 & 14

"To and From," a local film by Brandon Goodwin and Nate Black, will play at Moxie Cinema, 431 S. Jefferson, Tuesday and Wednedsday April 13 & 14 at 7:00pm to help raise money for a documentary featuring the late artist Robert E. Smith, who also stars in "To and From." A portion of the proceeds will go to local filmmakers who have been documenting Robert E. Smith's life over the past few years. "To and From" features a cast of many familiar Springfield faces, including, in addition to Robert E Smith, Mystery Jeff Houghton, and The Skinny Improv's Jeff Jenkins and Sarah Jenkins (no relation!). Before moving to Antarctica to study astrophysics at the South Pole, Harry returns home for the holidays to stay with his eccentric grandfather, who believes he is Santa Claus. Harry develops a crush on the family physician and finds himself in a feud with his grandfather's girlfriend's grandson. Filmmakers Nate Black and Brandon Goodwin will be available after each screening for a Q&A. Tickets may be purchased at The Moxie's box office, or online at www.moxiecinema.com. For information call 429-0801.