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Professional Bull Riders Visit Kids in CoxSouth Hospital

Cord McCoy
Bull rider Cord McCoy signs an autograph for a 14-year-old patient at CoxSouth. (Photo credit: KSMU)

It was a nice surprise for several children in the hospital when two professional bull riders showed up Thursday to wish them well. The two men are in town for the Professional Bull Riders PFI Western.com Invitational this weekend. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore has details.

[Sound:  walking]

It was cowboy hats, belt buckles, and boots walking the halls of the Cox South pediatric unit Thursday.  Bull riders Luke Snyder and Cord McCoy greeted several kids, including four-year-old Jayden. You’ve never seen a bigger smile than his when they walked into his hospital room.

[Sound:  scene in hospital room]

Snyder:  Hello, partner! I’m Luke.

Jayden:   Hi.

Snyder:  Nice to meet ya’.

Jayden:  Nice to meet you.

Snyder:  You know what we do for a living? We get on these guys.

Jayden: Cool!

Snyder:   Buckin’ bulls. And this guy’s yours. We’re gonna sign him for you, and you can have him.

Jayden:  Thanks!

Jayden had a couple of question for these cowboys, including how long they have to stay on.

Snyder, a native of Raymore, Missouri, and McCoy, from Tupelo, Oklahoma, will both ride this weekend. They said they try to visit kids in hospitals whenever they can.

They even ran into a doctor who said he’d be on call this weekend, although he hoped they wouldn’t need him.

Events begin Friday evening and run through the weekend at the JQH Arena, the PFI Western Store, and Bass Pro. 

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.

Luke Snyder, a bull rider with the PRB, was PRB Rookie of the Year at age 18. (Photo credit:  Jennifer Moore) Bull riders Luke Snyder, left, and Cord McCoy, second from left, greet a young patient named Isaiah. (Photo credit:  Jennifer Moore) Cord McCoy gives a 14-year-old patient his autograph. (Photo credit:  Jennifer Moore) Bull rider Luke Snyder tips his hat to four-year-old Jayden, a patient in Cox South. (Photo credit:  Jennifer Moore)