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Program for Nonprofit leaders Set for Third Year

Aspiring and established nonprofit leaders have the opportunity to improve their management skills thanks to a program at Missouri State University. KSMU's Nathan McVay has more.

Missouri State is offering an alternative to a normal business degree. Go Lead is a professional development program meant solely for non profit leaders in the Southwest Missouri area.

Gail Melgren is the Program Director for Missouri State University's Leadership program and she says the Go Lead program was created 3 years ago.

Melgren says the program which consists of 8 workshops, is divided into two tracks, one that is introductory and one that offers a more in-depth look at running a non-profit organization.

"We've tried to tailor a program that lasts 8 months, and the goal is to provide an overview of management of non profits, it's a more practical series of classes, than say getting an MBA on campus which is certainly a terrific goal, but not as specifically geared towards the non-profit sector."

Sessions start in September and take place on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Melgren says this is will be the third year for the program and not much has changed since it began.

"Our basic model is still intact, and working well, and its just worked beautifully, this is exactly what we had in mind and it's really exciting to see it all getting rooted in the community and making a difference."

Melgren says she believes this program is one of the most important Missouri State has to offer. She says the program which is designed to educate non profit executive directors, staff, board members and others interested in working in non-profit sectors has provided the graduates with much more than just hard facts.

On September 4, Missouri State's Leadership program will also be hosting the workshop Creating High-Impact Nonprofits which will feature Leslie Crutchfield, the co-author of Forces for Good, one of the Economist's Best Books of 2007.

We have a link to more information on the Go Lead program at our website at KSMU.org.