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Representative from the British Consulate to Meet With Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

A representative from the Office of the British Consulate in Chicago plans to visit Springfield Wednesday to discuss trade and investment opportunities between the United Kingdom and the United States. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann talked with a spokesperson for the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about how this could impact local businesses.

Consul General Robert Chatterton Dickson is with the Office of the British Consulate General in Chicago. He plans to meet with members of the Springfield business community at the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. Brad Bodenhausen is executive vice president of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. He says that the United States and the United Kingdom are each other’s largest investors. As a result, there are around one million jobs in each country that are dependent on companies based in the other country. Bodenhausen says that he hopes Wednesday’s meeting will encourage relationships between Springfield area businesses and U.K. investors.

“The luncheon itself is sponsored by the Chamber’s International Business Counsel. That’s a group that meets on a monthly basis and does a couple of things. It works to promote export opportunities for companies in the Springfield area. It also works to position Springfield as a place that’s favorable for international investment,” Bodenhausen said.

Bodenhausen says that he hopes this meeting will distinguish Springfield as a positive place to build successful international business relationships.

“It all starts with really making that contact and we’re pleased that he’s visiting Springfield. It gives us a chance to build that relationship and introduce him to Springfield. There are a lot of 'Springfields' in the U.S. and even a couple of others in the region that he represents. We want to distinguish Springfield, Missouri and let him know of the good things happening here, particularly the research and development that’s happening here,” says Bodenhausen.

The meeting Wednesday is for the International Business Counsel and leaders of the business community by invitation. Bodenhausen expects 35 to 40 members to be in attendance. For KSMU News, I’m Theresa Bettmann.