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Seminar Focuses on Removing Children from Meth Labs

A training program coming to Springfield will teach law enforcement officers and others how to deal effectively with children who are removed from a home where methamphetamine is being produced. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Safely removing children from an environment contaminated by meth production requires special training...Six regional training programs this summer will help police, doctors, social workers, mental health providers and others understand the unique needs of children in these situations.

Sponsors for the training include the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association.

Vivian Murphy is executive director of the association.

Murphy says Missouri is following what some other states are doing...creating guidelines for dealing with children who have been living with meth producers.

Murphy says she wants professionals who deal with these children to see the situation through their eyes.

She says it means considering physical and emotional needs the child may have.

The training program in Springfield on safely removing children from meth labs is August first. It's limited to 40 participants and is geared toward professionals who deal directly with these children.