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Senator Condemns Cattle Theft in Christian County

Some cattle were stolen from a Southwest Missouri farm this past weekend while the owner was away. KSMU’s Alvin Chen reports on the legislation that is designed to increase the penalties for stealing livestock in Missouri.

53 head of Brahma cross-bred cattle were stolen from a farm in Christian County over the weekend. Christian County is located in Senator Dan Clemens’ district.

That was Senator Clemens, condemning the cattle theft.

Clemens is currently sponsoring a bill that expands the crime of stealing livestock. He says under current law, stealing livestock in Missouri is a Class C felony. Penalties for stealing livestock in Texas are more serious. Clemens supports imposing the same penalties in Missouri.

In Texas, stealing livestock is a felony with a mandatory punishment of jail time and a possible fine. The punishment goes up with the value and the number of livestock stolen.

Clemens says he wants to protect Missouri’s number-one industry.

The Senate Judiciary Committee last week heard public testimony on Clemens' bill. The committee is expected to vote on the legislation soon.

For KSMU News, I'm Alvin Chen.