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Should Springfield Require a Prescription for Pseudoephedrine? Public Meeting Friday Will Address Questions

Ordinance appearing before City Council would require prescriptions for cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, which is also used to cook meth
Medication Drugs
(Photo credit: KSMU)

Springfield may become the next city to require a prescription for medicine that contains the ingredient pseudoephedrine.   That’s a main ingredient found in many cold medicines.  It's also an ingredient needed to cook meth. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has details on a public meeting Friday evening (May 31) that will address questions about the issue.

City Councilman Craig Fishel will host the Public Meeting (Friday May 31) at the Dan Kinney Family Center.  That’s at 2701 South Blackman Road, and the meeting starts at 5:30 pm.

The ordinance will come before City Council for its first reading on Monday (June 3).  The proposal would restrict all forms of pseudoephedrine except for a very narrow exemption in the case of medicine that resists manufacturing.

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams and a sergeant from the SPD Narcotics unit will take questions at the meeting.   That meeting will also be streaming live here.

If Springfield does eventually require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine, it will follow in the foosteps of many other municipalities hoping to curb meth production and abuse.