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Sign and Banner Clutter an Issue for Branson

Branson, Missouri is known for its billboards and neon signs, but a recent increase in temporary signs and banners around the tourist hot spot are leaving the city a cluttered mess. KSMU’s Chasity Mayes has more.

Illegal signs and banners in Branson will soon be a thing of the past. City officials in the tourist destination are cracking down by reminding residents that putting up temporary signs without a permit has its consequences.

Tara Norback is a planner for the City of Branson.

“For larger signs we do write them a letter and let them know the process that we would follow if it wasn’t removed. For instance, if it wasn’t removed then we potentially could put a lean on their property for any expenses that have been incurred for the removal that the city would do,” says Norback.

Under the city’s sign ordinance, no private or business signs are allowed on any pubic right-of-way -- that includes city street, directional or stop signs, and utility power poles. Signs and banners that have been staked in the ground require a permit from the city’s planning and development department.

Signs that do not require a permit include on-premise commercial and residential real estate signs that meet code regulations. Garage sale signs can be put up without a permit on residential private property.

The city says most of the complaints they have received involved commercial property along Branson’s heavily traveled streets, like Highway 76.

Currently, any illegal signs in the public right-of way are being removed by city employees.

For more information you can call 337-8549.

For KSMU News, I’m Chasity Mayes.