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Singing Valentines

Members of a local barbershop chorus are offering a unique gift for those who haven't yet purchased anything for their loved ones for Valentine's Day. Michele Skalicky talks with a quartet from the Show-Me Statesmen Barbershop Chorus.

Here with me today are 4 members of the Show-Me Statesmen Barbershop Chorus. We have John Stockstill, Todd Keeley, Brian King and Adam Veteto. You're members of a quartet, one of several that will head out across Springfield tomorrow to deliver special messages for Valentine's Day. Before we talk about the Singing Valentines that you offer every year, let's hear an example of what people can send to their loved ones for Valentine's Day.

Song--Let Me Call You Sweetheart and Heart of My Heart

That message of love in the form of a song is part of the Singing Valentine. What else do people receive?

John Stockstill: For a mere $50, somewhat less than you might pay for a dozen roses, they get a long-stem rose, a personalized card and some candy along with the medley you just heard.

This is a fundraiser for your barbershop chorus, but it also benefits another organization.

We're affiliated with the Children's Miracle Network, proud to be affiliated with them for the past several years, and a portion of our proceeds will go to them.

You can tell that you really love to sing. How does it feel to spread these message of love on Valentine's Day?

With my 30 years of Barbershop experience, I have to say that this is my favorite day of the year and the favorite thing for me to do as a barbershopper.

It seems like it would be a lot of fun.

It is.

Now, you've been delivering Singing Valentines for several years now. Do you have any special memories or any funny moments that you care to share with us?

Each quartet delivers from between 30 to 40 and each one in itself is a story, and I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite there's so many, some that have made us laugh and some that have made us cry.

If someone would like to order a Singing Valentine, what number can they call?


Do you deliver just here in Springfield or do you go outside the city?

It's mostly in Springfield, close by surrounding areas when we can schedule it.

Tell me a little bit about the Show-Me Statesmen Barbershop Chorus that you're a part of.

I've been singing for 30 years with the men's barbershop chorus and I'm privileged to be one of the directors along with Jeff Veteto, and each year we do this and it's our main fundraiser along with our annual show, which will be May 3 at Clara Thompson Hall at the Drury Campus.