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SMS Staffer Discusses Attacks from London

An SMS staff member was in London during the attacks. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

When four bombs exploded in London Thursday, some SMS students, faculty and staff were in the city.

SMS officials say all of the students who are participating in London study abroad programs and the faculty member who is teaching there this summer are all accounted for.

Amy Perkins is the events coordinator for SMS Bands.

She's in London this week to inspect sites where the Pride Band will perform in December.

She spoke with KSMU by phone Thursday.

She says she was in the subway, or tube as it's called in London about the time the explosions occurred but didn't realize until later what had happened.

Perkins says after leaving the subway, she and her husband took a tour of the city, still unaware of what had happened.

Perkins says the SMS Pride Band still plans to perform in London, despite the attacks.

She says it's unfortunate that international travel can be risky.

Despite all that happened Thursday, the people of London and law enforcement remained calm and were kind.

Perkins says she doesn't believe the attacks will change her plans for this week. She and her husband will return to Springfield this weekend.