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Springfield-Branson National Airport Offers a New Destination

Springfield-Branson National Airport and an airline company have joined forces to give travelers a new non-stop destination. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

Springfield-Branson National Airport board members announced this morning that Allegiant Airlines will be providing direct flights to Phoenix, Arizona.

Allegiant Airlines already provides flights from Springfield to Las Vegas, Orlando and Tampa.

Lee Gannaway is Chairman of Springfield-Branson National Airport Board.

He says at the end of this month, due to energy prices, the airport will lose its Delta Airline service from Springfield to Cincinnati.

"We are neither oblivious nor are we immune to the problems that are presently facing the airline industry. Today, however, this announcement of new service is yet additional proof of the strength of our community and the strength of our airport," Gannaway said.

Gannaway says this flight to Phoenix is just the beginning of the airport's connection to the Southwest.

Jim Anderson is the Director of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

He says this new flight reflects the success of Springfield-Branson National Airport.

"On August 7th in this country today, I defy to find too many communities who are announcing additional air service. So in my mind it is a vote of confidence that the economics are right and that certainly what is happening at Springfield-Branson National Airport is right or otherwise Allegiant wouldn't be making that announcement today," Anderson said.

Anderson says the new flight to Phoenix is not just a big step for our community, but for our entire region.

The airfare one-way from Springfield to Phoenix will be $109.00 until the end of January.

Flights from Springfield to Phoenix will start on October 22nd and there will be two weekly flights on Wednesday and Saturday.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.