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Springfield Kicks Off the Race and Faith Collaborative

Race and Faith Toolbox
The Race and Faith Collaborative kicked off a year long project with the release of the toolbox. /Credit: Anna Thomas

Springfield is the second least diverse city of its size in the country according to the 2012 national report.  With that in mind, the Race and Faith Collaborative hopes to promote change through four steps, the first being one’s self. Saturday was the reveal of a toolbox that includes a series of packets for an individual’s introspection on how they view and interact with diversity. Ken Coopwood is on the executive committee of the collaborative.

“For human beings, if you change the heart then you change the hands. You change what people will get engaged in, what they will spend their time doing, how they will think about situations,” Coopwood said.

The toolbox revolves around five essential questions to stimulate thought and the discussion of race. Some of the questions are ‘Was race invented?’ and ‘Do you speak race?’ The collaborative sees this step as a gateway to furthering the discussion to friends and family, places of gathering, and finally, the broader community. Phil Snider, executive committee member, said the future of diversity in Springfield is important.

“We want to be together, to come together in unity, celebrating diversity, and not being afraid of that which is different,” Snider said.

Here is a link to the virtual toolbox and more information the collaborative.

For KSMU News, I’m Anna Thomas.