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Springfield Public Schools Resume Classes After Storm

Springfield public schools returned to their normal schedule last week following numerous cancellations caused by the ice storm.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff explains what the school district went through during their extended break and what it means for the rest of the year...

Students throughout the Springfield School District received some extra days off thanks to the ice storm that tore through much of Southwest Missouri.

But, while much of the city is slowly returning to normal, most students have been back to their daily routines for almost a week now.

Norm Ridder is the superintendent of the Springfield Public School District.

He says storm cleanup within the district will take some time, but the mess isn't the biggest of his worries.

To help make up for lost time, Ridder says the district had planned for some snow days, but students will now be attending classes on President's Day.

But, class time wasn't the only thing the school district lost because of the storm.

Ridder says the district was set back thousands of dollars in the form of school lunches.

As for what Ridder says he's taking away from this experience is not just a further understanding of the unpredictable Ozark weather, but how emergency preparedness needs to be stressed in the future.

Ridder says he thinks the response to this storm by city official was quote 'unbelievable' and feels everyone involved did everything they can to get the city back on its feet.