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Springfield Replacing 4,500 Stop Signs

Stop Sign

Every day drivers stop at several stop signs, and soon all of those will be replaced with new, more reflective signs. Because of new federal regulations, the city of Springfield is beginning the replacement of about 4,500 stop signs Wednesday. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

In December of 2009, the Federal Highway Administration created minimum reflectivity requirements for all traffic signs. All cities are required to update their signs to meet these new standards by January 2015. The new signs are intended to increase safety on the roads.

According to Mike Brothers, the city spokesperson for the city of Springfield, some of the rationale for the new regulations is making the signs more visible to the aging population and other drivers with vision impairment. He says the new signs will be easier to see, especially at night.

“If you’ve seen these signs, you’ve probably noticed them. They’re fairly new, but when you shine your headlights on them they light up, and they look almost like they’re backlit with neon or something. They are extremely bright,” Brothers said.

The current aluminum on the stop signs will be reused by recovering the signs with high-intensity faces. These new faces have a life span of ten years. As each old sign is taken out, it is immediately replaced with a new high-intensity sign. Dan Jessen who supervises the sign and paint shop for the city says they will finish 40 to 50 signs each day. He says the project should be on track to be finished by December.

The cost to replace all of the stop signs is $45,000, which will come from the ¼-cent Sales Tax for Capital Improvement.

For KSMU News, I’m Adam Murphy.