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Springfield Restaurants Deal With Power Outage

Thousands of Springfield residents went without electricity over the weekend and many still haven't seen power return.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff reports on how the power outage affected some local eateries around town...

While many Springfield residents are trying to keep their food from spoiling after this weekend's storm and ensuing power outage, many local restaurants are doing the same.

Many restaurants use large coolers, often the size of a room, to keep their food fresh.

Nancy Knutson is the General Manager of both Imo's Pizza locations in town.

She says while her store on Pickwick and Cherry never lost power, the store on Republic did.

Knutson says she has noticed an increase in sit down customers at her stores throughout the weekend.

This is a trend also noticed by Darren Greene, an assistant manager at the Planet Sub on South Kimbrough, who has also noticed customers staying at his restaurant longer than usual.

Greene says that while Planet Sub never lost power, he knows many other businesses are dealing with power outages.

The Springfield Greene-County Health Department is now inspecting restaurants that lost power to ensure everything is safe.

Nutrition experts say if you have perishable items at home, such as meats or milk, that have been in a fridge without power for a few hours, it's safer to just throw them out.