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Springfield School Board discusses graduation rate

The Springfield School Board discussed on Tuesday night ways to reduce the drop out rate.

There was a slight increase in graduates this year but board members say they feel more can be done to improve the numbers.

KSMU's Joe Morgan reports on what the board is doing to make a difference.

During its Tuesday night meeting, the Springfield School Board discussed the graduation rate of Springfield Schools. Although there were about 100 more graduates this year compared to last year, they say there is still more that needs to be done. Board member, Andy Hosmer says he thinks students need to take more pride in their education.

Board member, Gerry Lee, says he believes the district needs to have a better plan for students in earlier grades. He says that students need to become aware when they are young that they're expected to graduate.

Springfield Public Schools Superintendent, Norm Ritter, says he believes that the whole should be concerned about the graduation rate.

The board spent almost an hour on this subject during its meeting on Tuesday, but Gerry Lee concluded the discussion with what he feels is the bottom line in trying to solve the issue of dropouts.

Springfield Public Schools Assistant Superintendent, Peggy Riggs, says this issue will never go away but the board will try its best to improve the graduation rate every year. For more information about the Springfield graduation rate. For KSMU news, I'm Joe Morgan.