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Springfieldian Becomes President of Missouri School Boards' Association

A long-time member of the Springfield R-12 Board of Education is now president of the Missouri School Boards' Association or MSBA. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

A Springfield man is the new president of the Missouri School Boards' Association, or M-S-B-A.

Bruce Renner, a ten-year veteran of the Springfield R-12 Board of Education took the unpaid position in June.

Renner will continue to be a member of the Springfield School Board while also working as M-S-B-A president.

He says it's been years since someone from Springfield was president of M-S-B-A.

As M-S-B-A president, Renner will be expected to represent the interests of all school districts in the state.

The organization's membership includes 370 school boards which represent 90 percent of the student population.

Whether a school district is large or small, rural or urban, Renner says he believes there are common problems that face school boards across the state.

Part of Renner's responsibility as M-S-B-A president is to work with state lawmakers.

He says when lawmakers reconvene in regular session in January, he'll speak at public hearings to advance the interests of M-S-B-A.

In recent years, the state budget has been tight and at times, education funding has become politicized.

Renner says even though he'll work with lawmakers from both political parties, his goal is to sidestep partisan arguments and keep the focus on what's best for children.

Renner says as he works with lawmakers, he'll be emphasizing the importance of education to economic development in Missouri.