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St. John's Breaks New Ground For Orthopedic Hospital

Wednesday at noon, St. John’s hosted a groundbreaking of a new orthopedic hospital in Springfield. KSMU’s Mike Donnelly reports.

The new hospital will be located off U.S 65 and Evans Road in Southeast Springfield. It will contain 48 beds for orthopedic patients who are receiving treatment for sports medicine, joint replacements, and other active-type injuries.

The hospital will be designed to accommodate a growing and aging population in Southwest Missouri. St. John’s says it’s planning on bringing in a new era of healthcare to residents of Springfield with the new hospital. John Swope is President and CEO of St. John’s.

“We have all the necessary elements to make a hospital like this possible, including the foresight of many of our physicians, to recognize that care needs to be delivered differently in the future than we delivered in the past.,” Swope said.

The project will cost $104 million and is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2013.

For KSMU News, I’m Mike Donnelly.