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Supporters Arrive Early to See Obama

Presidential candidate Barack Obama's trip through Missouri drew more than 1,500 people to Springfield's Glendale High School. KSMU's Benjamin Fry spoke to those excited to see Obama in person, as well as those who turned out to stump for his opponent, Republican Senator John McCain.

A mild morning made things comfortable for the hundreds standing in line, waiting for Glendale's doors to open.

As a member of the group Southwest Missouri for Obama, Laura Ransin is proud to be part of the effort that brought him to the Ozarks.

For Ransin, Obama's prospect of change is sparking interest and emotion in politics, something she says has been missing.

Obama's speech was also a chance for many to familiarize themselves with Obama's policies.

Jim McCaskill of Springfield is retired and says he has never voted a straight ticket.

He says he hopes Obama will address the needs of workers.

About a dozen supporters of Republican presidential candidate John McCain also showed up, sporting signs blasting Obama and touting McCain's policies.

They read "Obama is For Big Government", "Drill Now, Vote McCain", and "McCain-Energy Security".

Jack Jackson is the Missouri Co-Chair for McCain's campaign.

He says McCain, not Obama, will act in the best interest of Missourians.

He says this group of McCain supporters is mindful of the example they are setting for their candidate.

As for those standing in line waiting to see Obama, they didn't hold back.

For KSMU news, I'm Benjamin Fry.