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Symphony Director Announces He’s Stepping Down

After seven seasons of serenading audiences, Ron Speigelman, music director and conductor for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra is stepping down. KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports. 

Doubling audience attendance and the number of performances for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Ron Spiegelman’s exit as conductor is marked by many contributions to the community.

“I took a look at what we’ve accomplished and took look at what was ahead and thought if I am going to leave this is a good a time as any to hand over the reigns.  I am a big believer in arts organizations not becoming stale.  That’s really your legacy is the future you leave for the organization and I felt very strongly that this is a good time to look at the future for myself and the organization,” says Spiegelman.

Spiegelman had the orchestra performing at charity events for the United Way and playing the national anthem for audiences every year on opening day for the Springfield Cardinals.  

“I believe my proudest achievement we have been able to do some community outreach that has regionalized us, that has got us in front of kids in need in front of people in need. That is my proudest achievement here is getting to people who are normally not able to get to the symphony. I love the fact that we can do that here and very much hope that they continue that and continue to develop that,” says Spiegelman.

Encouraging local artists and musicians to improve their community, according to Spiegelman, has been one of his primary goals.  

“When an arts community is thriving, that is a one very important barometer a company will look at as.   Hey if there’s a thriving arts community, that means there is support for the arts, that means people are philanthropic, that means people are craving the excellence in there lives. That a good place for us to relocate our company,” says Spiegelman.

Spiegelman has over 20 years of musical experience and although he will not be conducting the symphony he would like to still be apart of the arts.  He said he just felt like it was time to move on.

“I’ve conducted will over a thousand performances and I haven’t grown tired of doing that.  But where my passions seem to be heading towards is this general idea. That is how can how can we make the arts relevant to our society, how can we make ourselves community outreach organizations were we support the community.  Always we’re asking for the communites support. Well, I like the idea of being able to work for an agency or create an agency or create even a school that deals with this very thing. Of sustainability in the arts and making it relevant to society as a whole,” says Speigelman.

Spiegelman intends to stay in Springfield after this season ends and continue work related to the arts and community involvement. 

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.