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Synthetic Marijuana, “K-2,” Floating Around Campuses

A synthetic form of marijuana has been floating around college campuses across the United States and some are wondering if it should stay legal. KSMU’s Adam Hammons hit the streets to find out exactly what it is and what people think about it.

A few months ago local shop “Incense and Peppermints” started selling a new product called K-2. It gets its name from the famous K-2 summit, the second highest mountain in the world.

“I think as a country we have a lot more to worry about than people being uplifted.”

That’s Pamela Samson, the store’s owner, talking about the idea of K-2 becoming illegal. She strongly feels it’s just an incense.

K-2 is a synthetic substance designed to mimic the effects and appearance of marijuana. The problem with K-2 is that some people are using it to get high instead of burning it as incense. Samson says one problem she has with K-2 is that it’s still relatively new.

“If there’s any part that makes me uncomfortable that is the part that does. [Because] there aren’t any long research, any research that’s been done. I’m not real comfortable with that.”

A local college student, whom we’ll simply refer to as “John,” told us why he started buying K-2.

“Cuz it’s a synthetic marijuana, and it’s legal right now.”

John also talked about the effects of K-2.

“You just get real relaxed, you get the munchies. I don’t know, just real calm feeling, real focused feeling kind of.”

“John” went on to say that he’s had one bad experience when he got “really paranoid.” He also said that the effects are identical to those of marijuana.

Lt. Ben King is with the Springfield Police Department.

“Well, I mean we have seen it, it depends on what you describe as a problem. We know that it’s being used here in town, it’s being sold here in town.”

Lt. King said lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri have talked about banning the substance.

For many, this synthetic marijuana gives a legal high. However with not enough research, no one can tell if it’s as dangerous as its illegal cousin. In the meantime, however, specialty stores like Pamela Samson’s will keep it on their shelves.

“I’m really pretty comfortable selling it.”For KSMU News, I’m Adam Hammons.