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Taney County Gets $3M Grant for ‘Biosolids’ Facility

Facility will dry the solid waste materials that are left from the sewage treatment system; the resulting biosolids can be useful in soil and crops
Table Rock Lake
Table Rock Lake is one of Taney County's most popular attractions. (Photo credit: Wikimedia.org)

Taney County has secured a three million dollar grant to build a “biosolids” facility as part of the county’s wastewater treatment system.  KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson explains what that is, exactly.

First, a definition: biosolids are the organic, solid materials that build up during the treatment of sewage.  Yes, biosolids smell bad…but once that material is dried, it can be quite useful in soil and crops.

The goal behind the process is to reduce the amount of pathogens, shrink the volume, and make it less smelly.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources awarded the grant for Taney County to build a facility to do just that:  dehydrate and dry the sewage sludge that comes from the wastewater treatment system.

The grant will be matched with funds from the county. The project has an estimated cost of $6.25 million and is expected to be complete in July 2015.

Funding for the grant comes from Missouri’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund, which provides assistance to communities with water quality, wastewater and drinking water infrastructure needs.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Davidson.