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Thinking of Selling a Baby Crib? Read This First

Baby Bed Crib
(Photo credit: Diane White, Just Between Friends)

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission set some new rules when it comes to used cribs, in effect as of June 28. KSMU’s Sam Crowe spoke with employees of Just Between Friends, a children’s consignment sale event, and has the details.

Just Between Friends has been on the forefront of children’s product safety since 2003, when it began developing and selling franchises across the country. Now it’s taking the lead in informing the public of the new regulations on buying used cribs. Marcy Leffingwell, the Event Coordinator for Just Between Friends here in Springfield, explained what the new regulation means to consumers.

“Any crib that was made before July 23rd of last year, 2010, can no longer be sold or donated. Also, yesterday was the last day that you can sell a crib. If it was made before yesterday but after the July 23rd of last year, you can sell it if you have a letter of compliance from the manufacturer,” she said.

The government has also banned the sale and purchase of drop side cribs, a regulation that Just Between Friends adopted two years ago. Kami Snowbarger is the Director of Product Communications with Just Between Friends on the national level. She said the new regulations affect more than just consignment events.

“It is now illegal to sell any crib that does not meet the new standard, whether you’re selling it on craigslist, you’re selling it at your garage sale, whether its a crib being sold at a retail store or a crib being sold at a consignment event like Just Between Friends,” she said.

These new standards mean that manufacturers will have to strengten mattress supports and crib slats, make more durable crib hardware, and perform more thorough safety testing. Snowbarger said all of this will improve infant safety in cribs, a concern in recent years.

“There have been 153 infant deaths in the past four years. There have been over 11 million cribs recalled since 2007 because of various reasons involving infant injuries, deaths, et cetera,” she said.

Snowbarger metioned that both Just Between Friends and some retailers will buy back old and unsafe cribs, either offering money or credit toward a new one. For KSMU News, I’m Samuel Crowe.