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Tornadoes Possible for Tonight and Tomorrow

Weather forecasters in both Kansas and Missouri are saying that current weather conditions are ripe to produce severe thunderstorms and even tornados within the next 48 hours. The National Weather Service briefed local authorities earlier this afternoon at 3:00. KSMU's Megan Keathley has more.

Residents in the Ozarks might be wishing for warm sunshine, or maybe some cooling rain tomorrow afternoon. But according to National Weather Service meteorologist Doug Kramer, these are the wrong things to hope for.

Kramer works with the National Weather Service office in Springfield. He says not only can the western Ozarks expect storms late this evening, but that what happens tonight could make tomorrow even worse.

Kramer says that no two storm systems are ever the same, so you can't always use one to accurately predict another. However, he warns that current weather conditions have been known to produce destructive tornadoes in the past.

Kramer says these threats come late in the typical Missouri tornado season.