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Tour Explores Needs of Organizations that Work with Youth

This week, a group of state lawmakers and community leaders visited 15 agencies in the Springfield area that work with children and youth. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Republican Representative Bob Dixon of Springfield organized the first-ever Dare to Care for Kids Tour. Over the course of three days, a group of about 20 people visited local agencies that help children...agencies like Developmental Center of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks and Bailey Alternative High School.

Dixon says he organized the tour to help him and others learn more about the needs of these organizations.

Dixon says one of the needs that became apparent during the tour is the need for larger facilities.

And within buildings, there are other needs. For example, Bailey Alternative High School needs a new refrigerator and transportation to the facility for students.

There's also a need with all of these organizations for volunteers.

One of the community members who participated in the tour was Mary Norman. She's a former member of the Springfield Public Schools Board of Education.

She explains what she learned during the tour.

This was the first Dare to Care for Kids Tour. Representative Bob Dixon says he plans to organize a similar tour next year.