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Trout Season Gets Underway


Trout season officially began early this morning and thousands of people were expected to come out to celebrate their favorite time of the year. KSMU’s Justin Lux has the details.

Finally the day has come for all those anglers who eagerly await March 1st each year to brave the cold temperatures and take that first step into their favorite fishing spot. I spoke with Mike Mitchell, who manages the hatchery at Bennett Spring State Park, to find out how things went this morning.

Reporter: Opening day fell on a Tuesday this year so how was the turnout for a week day morning?

Mitchell: The turnout seemed to be pretty good. A little lighter than I had anticipated. We’ve had right around 1,500 people. I was expecting maybe a few more, upwards of 2,000. We still may reach higher up towards that number as the afternoon goes along. Ya’ know the weather is supposed to be really nice out so it’s very possible that we’ll probably hit 1,700 or 1,800 people today.

Reporter: With so many anglers coming out for the first day is it possible to get any serious fishing done?

Mitchell: Yeah, sure. There’s always the ability to fish. The crowds do make it a little more difficult. A lot of people instead of actually using their fly rods opt for spinning equipment which doesn’t take up as much room. We also did stock the stream very well so that everybody would have that opportunity for success. We put in 6,000 rainbow trout, as well as about 100 lunkers. So there was a good opportunity for you to catch some fish today if you come out.

Reporter: Any indications that this may be a strong fishing season?

Mitchell: This will be a good fishing season as far as numbers of fish that we have. Size-wise will be very close to the 2010 year. We’re going to have average of 12 inch fish in the park here at Bennet Springs so the fishing here should be excellent.

Reporter: Well thank you Mike. I appreciate it.

Mitchell: You're welcome.

I’ve been speaking with Bennett Spring State Park hatchery manager Mike Mitchell. For KSMU News, I’m Justin Lux.