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Universities Guard Against Tuberculosis

University officials have plans in place to detect and prevent tuberculosis. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Confirmation of tuberculosis in a Missouri Southern State University student has prompted tests of about 200 other students for exposure to the bacteria that causes the disease.

Joplin health officials say the tests were conducted on campus and they expect to get results this week.

Students who were tested are classmates or former roommates of the infected student, who lived in a Missouri Southern dormitory last spring.

The student was positively diagnosed with the disease last week and is being treated.

Authorities say they don't know here the student might have contracted tuberculosis or how long he had been ill before seeking treatment.

Catching cases of tuberculosis is a major health concern for most college campuses.

At Missouri State University, there is a testing plan that's designed to catch the presence of the bacteria early.

Bernie Snodgrass is Director of Taylor Health and Wellness Center on campus.

Snodgrass says it's not unusual for students who go outside the country to have a positive skin test for tuberculosis.

Snodgrass says health officials on campus are always on the lookout for tuberculosis, which is easily transmitted in environments where people live close together.

But he says the new fear this winter is the mumps.

Besides mumps and tuberculosis, the university is also working on reducing cases of the flu around campus.

Taylor Health and Wellness Center is offering free flu shots to students and employees, a program that's so popular, the first round of shots is already gone.