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Water Quality Agreement Signed

Missouri State University and the U.S. Geological Survey have signed an agreement. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

At a ceremony Tuesday, officials from Missouri State University and the U-S Geological Survey or U-S-G-S signed an agreement that will create a new partnership.

Bob Pavlowsky is director of the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute at Missouri State.

He says this partnership will give students and faculty access to valuable data and maps the U-S-G-S has compiled.

The first collaborative project will involve the creation of a watershed management plan for the James River Basin.

Pavlowsky says the partnership between the U-S-G-S and the university will benefit students.

Officials with the U-S-G-S say the partnership will benefit their agency as well.

Emitt Witt is the director of the Mid-Continent Geographic Science Center, which hosues the U-S-G-S.

The agreement that the two institutions signed Tuesday sets out the guidelines under which the parties will work together.

Missouri State University President Michael Nietzel says the collaboration will create a renowned research group.

There's no federal funding for the collaboration but the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute has received federal funding.

University and U-S-G-S officials say this new collaboration will benefit the health and economic well-being of Southwest Missouri.