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Weathering The Economy: Alterations Unlimited

For KSMU’s Sense of Community Series, I’m Mike Smith. Join with me now as we listen to the owner of Alterations Unlimited share some of her experiences of dealing with the economic downturn, in her own words.

I’m Karen Salinas and I own Alterations Unlimited. We have a variety of services. We aren’t just a typical alterations business. You know anything that comes through the door. We’ve altered little outfits for dogs, we do book covers out of leather. We do a ton of leather work. We do basic alterations of course like putting in zippers, snaps, tailoring suits. We just hit our 25 year mark. I’ve owned the business for 8 years. I worked for the 2 previous owners. We have 6 full time employees. The way the economy is right now, we have seen an increase. The best thing about our type of business is if people are buying, they come to us to alter clothes that don’t fit directly from the store. If the economy is bad and people aren’t buying, they will bring in their older clothes. Our business has increased in part because of people who are out there looking for new jobs. Everybody has those things in their closets that they don’t wear for one reason or another. They will bring them to us so we can fit it properly so they can look the best they can when they go to job interviews, they don’t have to put a lot of money out to buy a new garment. People are also giving away clothes from the closets, and that helps out those people who need it and can’t afford to buy new clothes. That’s really nice because they are getting the help they need without having to spend much money and it and our business has picked up because of that as well.