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Willard Man Prepares to Be a Delegate to the Republican National Convention

While democrats from all over Missouri and the country gather this week for the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Republicans are gearing up for their convention, which starts next week in St. Paul. KSMU's Missy Shelton recently spoke with a local delegate to the Republican National Convention and files this report.

Next week, Darrell Proctor of Willard will participate in the Republican National Convention as a delegate. This will be the second time he's been a delegate to the convention. He says he's got to physically prepare for the intense schedule.

Generating support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain will be the focus of the convention. Proctor says he initially preferred other Republican presidential contenders but says now he's supporting McCain.

Proctor says he'll be eager to hear McCain talk about the high cost of fuel and his solutions for dealing with the problem.

Both parties use their conventions to fire up their base in hopes of generating a lot enthusiasm in the push to November.

Proctor says Southwest Missouri will be very important to both presidential campaigns.

If you missed our profile of Democrat Vicky Trippe, a local delegate to the Democratic National Convention, it's online at KSMU.org