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Willard Plans New Elementary School

The Willard School District plans to build a new elementary school within the Springfield city limits. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

The Administration of Willard School District says it's going to build a new elementary school just south of I-44 to accommodate the overcrowding in their other elementary schools.

The Administration says the new school will be located at Farm Road 140 and Miller in Springfield. One third of the districts student population lives within the Springfield city limits.

Officials estimate at least 350 to 375 students will attend the new school when it opens in fall 2009.

Janell Royal, the Assistant Superintendent for the Willard School District, says the land they are buying gives them many options.

"In our purchasing of the land we are purchasing enough land that hopefully we'll be able to utilize a portion of that land for maybe some open space area for play and activity, almost like a park city possibly and I think that will be really unique to that community and that neighborhood," Royal said.

Royal says the school district should close the bid on the land in a few days.

She also says construction has not started on the new school, but the construction documents are almost completed.

The new school does not have a name yet, but the Administration is asking for suggestions.

If you have a suggestion for a name, please call the District Office at 742- 2584.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.