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Winter Weather Headed Our Way

Just in time for Christmas, winter weather is expected in the Ozarks. KSMU's Michele Skalicky has more.

A wintery weather mix is headed our way. National Weather Service Meteorologist Drew Albert says precipitation amounts in the Ozarks will be fairly light. But he says, with so many people expected to be on the roads tomorrow the winter weather is a concern. He tells us what we can expect...

"The Weather Service is expecting light precipitation to develop out over the plains and move into southeastern Kansas and western Missouri late tonight. Now, that will probably be toward actually day break Friday and then spread into the Ozarks Friday morning. Initially, there could be a little bit of a mix of light rain especially down towards the northwest Arkansas border, sleet and snow. We think right now that the precipitation is going to change to mostly if not all snow during the day on Friday with temperatures hovering--some areas will probably be a little bit above freezing, some a little bit below--generally, right around 32 degrees during the day on Friday, and that snow will probably continue into early Friday evening before tapering off from west to east Friday night."

He says the Springfield area will likely get around an inch of snow accumulation—one to two inches as you go east with locally higher amounts possible. Lesser amounts are expected west of Springfield in the Joplin area.Albert says two systems are combining over the midsection of the country. One of those produced the recent heavy rain in Southern California. As the storm moves east, it’s expected to heavily impact the southeastern and eastern United States.