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The senate gave unanimous approval to a bill that's designed to make it more difficult to getthe ingredients for making methamphetamine.

Ken Rutherford gives his perspective on what role the United Nationsmay have in the Middle East now that the war in Iraq is over.

Bev Reichert talks with Ruth Bamberger about the electoral college.

Punch card ballots are out and touch screen voting machines are in under legislation Missourilawmakers sent the governor. Missy Shelton reports.

Missouri lawmakers have finished their work on the state's budget. KSMU's Missy Shelton has this report from Jefferson City on one of the biggest battles involving the budget.

The legislature's work on the budget is done but lawmakers don't know if it's a done deal.

House and Senate budget negotiators have worked out a compromise budget plan. The compromisestill needs final approval from the House and Senate before going to the governor. The latest version of the budget has the endorsementof most Republican lawmakers but some democrats are criticizing theproposal. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports from Jefferson City.

African-American senators saydiscirmination is "rampant" in the Missouri senate. KSMU's MissyShelton reports.

It appears Republican budgetwriters in the House and Senate have reached a compromise on how to craft a final version of the budget.

As many as ten state representatives are missing outon budget negotiations at the state capitol because they're helping cleanup storm damage in their districts. Missy Shelton reports from Jefferson City.

Legislation authorizing concealed weapons is on its way to the governor's desk. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports from Jefferson City.

David Richards talks about a survey of SMSU historic records.

Dr. Lloyd Young talks with two community leaders about the Vision 20/20 project.

Tornadoes that swept through Southwest Missouri devestated the town of Pierce City. KSMU's Missy Shelton visited the small town the day after the deadly twisters ripped through the middle of the town square.

Mary newman talks about Alzheimer's research at SMSU.

Exotic newcastle disease is taking its toll on bird populations in southern California and Arizona, and many are worried about the consequences if the disease were to spread east and begin affecting the poultry industry in the Ozarks. KSMU's Jeremy Elwood files this report.

An SMSU scientist has made a startling discovery in the Ozarks: a large meteorite impact site from millions of years ago. KSMU's Jeremy Elwood has more.

The Missouri House of Representativesgave overwhelming approval to legislation that would create a life sciences research trust fund. Missy Shelton reports from Jefferson City.

Debora Biggs continues her discussion with Melissa Haddow about the dangers of underage drinking.

The higher education budget that cleared the senate today (Wednesday) is 84 million dollars less than what lawmakers appropriated last year. Missy Shelton reports.

When the senate took up the state budget Tuesday, debate became partisan. Missy Shelton reports from JeffersonCity.

The Springfield/Greene County Health Department continues surveillance for the WestNile Virus. Mike Smith has the story:

Over 500,000 hunters are expected to take part in Missouri's firearms turkey season from April 21-May 11. Mike Smith has the story:

This is the latest news update from the Rountree School.