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  • July 10, 2013 01:30 PM

    Farmers from across the Ozarks picked out their spots yesterday afternoon for the grand opening of the new Farmers Market Pavilion along Republic Road. As KSMU’s Shannon Bowers reports, most of these farmers believe this new facility will boost the local food economy.

  • July 2, 2013 03:35 PM

    Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield was recently named the 7th fastest growing brewery in the United States, according to the Brewers Association. At a time when the popularity of craft beer is growing across the country, KSMU’s Shannon Bowers explains what makes Mother’s unique here in the Ozarks.

  • June 26, 2013 07:37 AM

     Why is recycling glass in Springfield the first step to keeping needy families cool this summer? KSMU’s Shannon Bowers explains how the city’s glass recycling program has resulted in insulation donations to Habitat for Humanity.

  • June 19, 2013 04:56 PM

    A local chiropractor who treats everything from people, to dogs, to barnyard animals claims that “If it has a spine, it needs an adjustment.”  KSMU’s Shannon Bowers spoke with Dr. Christina Thomas about this uncommon treatment that is helping so many.

  • June 14, 2013 06:30 AM

    Over the last several weeks, a handful of parking meters has been installed in downtown Springfield. But they’re not intended for motorists. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers explores this artsy initiative that is helping the homeless.

  • June 13, 2013 04:11 PM

    The Income and Safety Council for United Way of the Ozarks announced funding to three local agencies focusing on financial stability, independence and safety for those in need. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers reports on how this yearlong funding contributes to the local community.

  • June 12, 2013 04:53 PM

    Under Gov. Nixon’s recent launch of the “100 Missouri Miles Challenge,” residents are encouraged to make use of local trail by walking, running, or even paddling 100 miles by the end of the year. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers tells us how residents in the Ozarks are taking advantage.

  • June 5, 2013 03:00 PM

    The US Census Bureau recently released its first quarter report for 2013, showing that home ownership rates are highest in the Midwest region. The housing market is bouncing back in several parts of the country, but what about the Ozarks? KSMU’s Shannon Bowers has this report.

  • May 31, 2013 07:33 AM

    Since the iconic hotel developer and philanthropist’s death Sunday, we’ve reflected on his contributions to the area and the abundance of structures displaying Hammons’ name.Our reporter Shannon Bowers brings us this report from one of the many fountains that embrace the name of John Q Hammons.

  • May 26, 2013 12:43 PM

    As part of last Tuesday’s 2nd anniversary of the Joplin tornado, The TKF Foundation and Walmart awarded over half-a-million dollars to Drury University faculty and students for the Landscapes of Resilience Project. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers explains.