KSMU Sustainer Program

  What is a KSMU Sustainer?

Our Sustainers are a special family of KSMU members who support quality programming with automatic monthly contributions through their bank accounts or credit cards. Sustaining members play an important role in the daily operations at the station, providing KSMU with a reliable stream of support to help cover broadcasting expenses.

Why become a Sustainer?

It’s convenient. Because your contribution is automatically deducted on a monthly basis, you won’t have to remember to write out a membership check each year. Your KSMU Membership status continues without interruption, which eliminates the need for costly renewal notices. That means we spend less of your contribution on paper and postage.

It's powerful. By eliminating administrative expenses, more of your contribution goes directly into the programming. Plus it gives KSMU the security of a steady, reliable stream of program support. When enough members become Sustainers, we'll be able to create shorter on-air drives. Imagine how good you will feel about that!

It's the best value. Spreading your support over time is easy on your budget. As an added benefit, all Sustainers receive the KSMU MemberCard, which provides 2-for-1 benefits at dozens of regional restaurants and attractions. Becoming a Sustainer is the best value for your dollar.

How can I become a Sustainer?

1) To set up a monthly auto bank draft, fill out this form and mail it to us at:
       KSMU Membership
       901 South National Avenue
       Springfield, MO 65897

2) To set up a monthly credit card payment, send us an email to ksmu@missouristate.edu

It's that easy! And if your life changes, so can your plan.
You can increase, decrease or suspend your giving at any time.

Sustainer Benefits

1. KSMU MemberCard that provides 2-for-1 benefits at dozens of area restaurants and attractions.
2. Guaranteed uninterrupted KSMU Member status.
3. Saving the environment by helping us cut back on using paper.
4. Satisfaction of providing continuous support for independent news programming, vibrant music and innovative web content and streaming.

If you have questions, or if you would like to become a KSMU Sustainer by phone, call Jamie Henline at 417-836-3512.