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Local KSMU News

Kimby Decker's Son, Forrest, Harvests Radishes

It’s easy to get detached these days from where the food we eat comes from.  Once it reaches the supermarket, unless we have our own gardens, we never see produce actually planted and eventually plucked from the ground.  But some area farmers are working to change that.  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky has the story of one farm that’s working to educate future growers and the public.


A rapidly spreading virus called porcine epidemic diarrhea, or PED, has been making its way across Missouri pig farms. As KSMU’s Julie Greene reports, hog experts predict the virus will cause an increase in pork prices this summer.

Meth disclosure

Landlords would not be required to disclose if a property was contaminated through the manufacture of controlled substances, given the site is properly cleaned, according to a bill filed by a Springfield lawmaker. KSMU’s Scott Harvey has details.

Tom Schweich

An audit of Missouri’s Low Income Housing tax credit program finds that it could be more efficient in how incentives are spent.

Greene County Courthouse

The April 8 ballot for Greene County includes candidates and/or issues in nine cities. And the county’s clerk, Richard Struckhoff, is reminding residents who aren’t registered to vote next month that they have until Wednesday to do so.

Healthcare enrollment deadline

The open enrollment deadline for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is March 31. As this date approaches, KSMU’s Briana Simmons reaches out to community healthcare leaders to understand what the deadline means for those that remain uninsured. 

Fanny Crenshaw and L.A.D. Crenshaw Portraits

It's a love story of sorts--a husband and wife, long dead, their portraits separated for more than 100 years.  But the works of art are now back together again at the Springfield Art Museum.  KSMU's Michele Skalicky reports.


In this segment of Around the World, Here at Home, we talk with a couple of professors who met through an arranged marriage in India; 45 years later, their passion for education and helping others has led them on an incredible path.

Bahá’í Garden

Around the world, followers of the Bahá’í are in the midst of their annual Nineteen-Day Fast. KSMU’s Samantha Nichols tells us more about the religious observance and the Bahá’í community here in Springfield.