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Dark clouds

"If you don't like the weather in the Ozarks, stick around and it will change." That's a well-known phrase in these parts. Although Thursday began with warm spring like conditions, things changed quickly as high winds brought chilly temperatures. As KSMU's Theresa Bettmann reports, it was that strong wind that has some businesses and utilities scrambling.


Bowl of Chili

The Strafford Fire Protection District is hosting a chili supper and raffle tomorrow (2/22) to raise money for a fund established in memory of Hailey Owens, the ten-year-old Westport Elementary student, who was abducted and killed in Springfield this week.  KSMU's Michele Skalicky talks with one of the organizers, Lisa Campbell, about the event.

Blueberry Plant
  • Support the Hailey Owens Memorial Fund
  • Learn how to grow blueberries
  • Meet the Cat in the Hat
Emergency Station

Missouri State University President Clif Smart says the school learned some things from an October case that prompted the lockdowns of some area schools and businesses. Hear this month's conversation as part of our series Engaging the Community.

LGBT flag in wind

The lengthy consideration over how to revise the City of Springfield’s nondiscrimination law returns to the forefront when the bill again comes up for debate in the coming months. And as KSMU’s Scott Harvey reports, there could be more push at the state level to prohibit discrimination based upon a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Child Advocacy Center Logo

Many parents are holding their children a little bit tighter after the tragic events this week in Springfield with the abduction and killing of Hailey Owens. However, the incident is sparking conversation between parents and their children about the danger of adult predators. KSMU's Shannon Bowers spoke with the Child Advocacy Center and has more.


Minorities who own a business often face unique challenges because they come from an under-represented part of the population. But one grassroots organization in Springfield is spearheading a movement that tackles those challenges head-on so that a person’s ethnic group, gender, or race no longer play a role in how successful they can become as an entrepreneur. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has more.

Hailey Owens

Citizens are asked to come together for a march and candlelight vigil Saturday evening to honor the memory of Hailey Owens. KSMU's Scott Harvey has more.

As our series on the 2013 Community Focus Report for Springfield-Greene County continues, Ilga Vise talks with Barbara Lucks, sustainability officer for the City of Springfield, about the Natural Environment section.