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Local KSMU News

KSMU Reporter, Shannon Bowers, taking a Virtual Reality Tour

Students at Drury's School of Architecture are experimenting with virtual reality systems. They're using the platform by Oculus VR--that's a company recently purchased by Facebook for $2 billion dollars. KSMU's Shannon Bowers took a virtual tour of a design by a Drury student.

Missouri Faith Voices Founding Convention

A diverse group of faith leaders and community members will be rallying in Springfield tonight to call attention to a variety of issues facing Missouri. KSMU’s Samantha Nichols tells us more.


Looking for some land on which to make hay?  Have a desire to plant oats, wheat or corn?  Wilson's Creek National Battlefield wants to hear from you.

Nixa Public Schools

 In the wake of Wednesday’s knife attack in a Pennsylvania High School where at least 20 students were injured, schools around the country once again have examine their own policies and ask, could we have prevented that attack in our school?

KSMU’s Shane Franklin spoke with one Ozarks’ school system to ask that very question.

House Floor

Right to work legislation in the Missouri House hit a snag Wednesday. Marshall Griffin has details.


A recent simulation hopes to give officials a better understanding of the challenges facing those who live in poverty. KSMU’s Anna Thomas has more on what lies ahead for Springfield’s Impacting Poverty Commission following last week’s mock event.

Table Rock Lake's Still Waters Lakeside Resort

Sales tax levies were among the various ballot items before voters Tuesday. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann reports on results in Taney and Christian counties.


Ozarks residents are all too familiar with the damage tornadoes can cause. And As KSMU’s Julie Greene reports, a Missouri State University professor is working on a project he hopes will provide even more warning time.

Nixa JH Lunch Room

Voters throughout the Ozarks faced numerous school bond proposals Tuesday. KSMU’s Scott Harvey has this review.