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An effort is underway to help a bird that calls Springfield home for only a few months out of the year.  The chimney swift is named for one of the places in which it lives.  And with fewer buildings using chimneys, their numbers have been dropping.  KSMU’s Michele Skalicky has more.

Jim Fossard is pointing out a downtown building where chimney swifts used to put on an impressive show each evening at dusk.  Hundreds of the birds would fly into the chimney every year around this time to roost.

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A conference months in the making will bring together professionals from the fields of mental health, health care, and law on Thursday in Springfield. Dubbed Mental Health, Healthcare, the Law and Ethics Conference, the event is an effort to bridge the gaps between the three professions.

“We’ve all been trained in very different ways and we serve very different purposes but they intersect constantly,” said Crista Hogan, executive director of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar.

City of Branson

Branson’s economic development director is stepping down. Garrett Anderson accepted a similar post with the city of Woodstock, Illinois to be closer to his family.

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Decades of flight experience throughout southwest Missouri and beyond are on display in a new book by Mark Burgess. The local pilot and businessman recently released his auto-biography “Charter Pilot: Rare Adventures in Aviation,” which discusses an industry that rarely finds itself in the spotlight. 

“Well the main purpose is to kind of introduce people to what this is. It’s an area of aviation many don’t understand,” says Burgess.

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Changes are being proposed to fishing regulations for two popular game fish.  The changes would help smallmouth and rock bass to grow while simplifying regulations for smallmouth in MDC Special Management Areas, according to the department.

MDC research shows that both species grow slowly, and many don’t reach a quality size before dying from natural causes or being caught by anglers.