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In this segment of Making Democracy Work, Lois Zerrer talks with Greene County circuit clerk, Tom Barr, about the responsibilities of his job, and he shares some facts about his office.

According to Barr, in Fiscal Year 2015, Greene County Courts handled 38,468 cases.

He says there's a civil side and a criminal side to the courts.  The Circuit Clerk's Office is where all of those cases are first filed.

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Brian and Marilyn Bisbee, Co-Directors of the Carthage Crisis Center Since 2003, announced their retirement from the center effective January 2016.  Brian and Marilyn sat down with KSMU Producer Mike Smith who recorded their remembrances for this edition of Making a Difference:  Stories of Hope and Help.

Brian Bisbee:  “ You remember  hon that I was not real excited about coming to Missouri.”

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Hunters in Missouri killed nearly 190,000 deer during the November firearms season.  Preliminary data from the MO Department of Conservation say top harvest counties were Texas with 4,544 deer checked, Howell with 4,046 and Franklin with 3707.

Last year, hunters checked 166,383 deer during the November portion. 

MDC biologists attribute the increase this year to good weather and plenty of deer activity.

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The West Plains Community Christmas Tree on the courthouse lawn will be lit tonight (11/27) and free photos with Santa will be offered.  For more information,

Stop by the Springfield Conservation Nature Center today (11/27) from 1 to 4 to learn about turkeys at the Discovery Table, “Let’s Talk Turkey.”  For details, 888-4237.

Dickerson Park Zoo’s Safari Trading Co. will hold its annual sale today (11/27) through December 24.  For more information,

Dr. Matt Pierson
Missouri State University

Dr. Matt Pierson is an assistant professor of Civil Engineering at Missouri State University.

Besides building things, he is passionate about educational opportunities for students. In that vein, he has submitted funding proposals to the National Science Foundation on several occasions and recently was awarded a substantial grant from the S-STEM initiative.

This grant will enable Pierson and his team to fund a scholarship-based retention enhancement program, designed to assist students in Computer Science, Math, Engineering and Physics.