Citing Religious Values, Russian-Speaking Families Lean Republican

Dec 14, 2017
KSMU Radio

Lyubov Chernioglo sits with her daughter, Larisa Zubko, and reflects on her days in the former Soviet Union — the days of her earliest memories of politics and going to vote. As her mother speaks in Russian, Larisa translates.

"So, the candidate was already chosen, and they must, they had to, give their votes for that same person. They didn’t have a choice," Zubko says.

In the 2016 election, her family threw their support behind the Republican candidate:  now President Donald Trump.

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One change to city code allows police officers to ticket pedestrians for crossing the street outside of a crosswalk one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise.  The bill adds language saying motorists must yield to pedestrians crossing in designated crosswalks or face a minimum fine of $100. 

Immigrant Daughters Navigate Controversial Women's Issues

Dec 13, 2017
Ryan Welch / KSMU Radio

Editor's note:  The names in this story have been changed because the sources were concerned about privacy. 

A young woman, whom we're calling Elena, is sitting with her friend in a coffee shop in downtown Springfield.  

Elena's parents are from the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States before she was born.

“It’s very common for, like, Russian girls to get married very young and, like, stay in the household,” Elena said.

Men usually are expected to earn the income in her family, she said.

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get carried away with celebrating and spending.

But with 2017 coming to a close in a couple of weeks, this is the time to perform a financial health checkup. Knowing where you stand on your finances before year-end is a smart move to make.

Remembering His Underground Church, a Pastor Tries to Unify Old and Young

Dec 12, 2017
Ryan Welch / KSMU Radio

Rows of chairs line the modern sanctuary, filled with worshippers from teens to older adults. Some pray in Russian; others are speaking in tongues.

The Bread of Life Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  It’s nestled in a rural part of Christian County, Missouri, surrounded by fields, a few homes, and farm roads.

Nicholi Illyuk, born in Ukraine in the 1960s, is the pastor.

It was different in the Soviet Union. Christians who practiced outside the state-sponsored Orthodox church didn’t worship openly – they hid.