Bailey Vassalli

Photography Intern

Bailey began working for KSMU as a photography intern in October of 2017. She also works as a photographer with Missouri State University Photographic Services and as both a photographer and senior reporter with The Standard, Missouri State’s student newspaper. Previously, she has interned with the Snohomish County Tribune, the Sullivan Independent News and Babe Ruth League. Once she graduates in December of 2018, she hopes to work as a photojournalist — whether that means freelancing or with a newspaper.

Remembering His Underground Church, a Pastor Tries to Unify Old and Young

Dec 12, 2017
Ryan Welch / KSMU Radio

Rows of chairs line the modern sanctuary, filled with worshippers from teens to older adults. Some pray in Russian; others are speaking in tongues.

The Bread of Life Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  It’s nestled in a rural part of Christian County, Missouri, surrounded by fields, a few homes, and farm roads.

Nicholi Illyuk, born in Ukraine in the 1960s, is the pastor.

It was different in the Soviet Union. Christians who practiced outside the state-sponsored Orthodox church didn’t worship openly – they hid.