Danisha Hogue

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Danisha Hogue is a senior at Missouri State University majoring in journalism with a diversity studies minor. She is a reporter for the university’s newspaper, The Standard. With her degree she hopes to write about social issues. Danisha likes DIY projects, reading and breakfast foods.

Francine Pratt
Submitted Photo / City of Springfield

Longtime community leader Francine Pratt is returning to Springfield to head a new, collective-impact-model initiative aimed at lifting people out of poverty.

The Impacting Poverty Commission announced on Tuesday that Pratt will oversee Prosper Springfield, which connects over 300 partner organizations in helping impoverished citizens measurably improve their situations.

Tommy Pike
Danisha Hogue

Built in 1902, The Jefferson Avenue Footbridge crosses 13 tracks of the Burlington Northern rail yard. The structure, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, has become a tourism staple for Springfield.

It’s why many came to the bridge’s defense during a recent City Council session that explored plans for its rehabilitation.

“It’s a big part of Commercial Street and for the people who had to come across the tracks,” Pike said. 

Springfield Fire Department
Danisha Hogue

After years of evaluation the Springfield Fire Department may soon come to a decision how to better service the city.  Resources have been moved to high demand areas of the city before but Fire Chief David Hall believes other options should be explored.

“We’ve pretty much made all the moves that we could do to maximize our usage without either closing a fire station or relocating those resources to other areas of the city or by having additional staffing or equipment,” said Hall.

Homelessness and Our Youth
Danisha Hogue / KSMU

The Springfield area has a high count of youth experiencing homelessness, with 70 percent of homeless youth between the ages of 17-18. It was among the statistics discussed Thursday before roughly 50 people at the Springfield Art Museum.

According to the 2016 Homeless and at risk Survey Report, the majority of homeless youth are white and identify the city as their home town.

A showing of Hillcrest High School’s 2013 documentary Homelessness in the Heartland set the tone for Thursday evening’s post-video discussion.

Dominic Goldman
Danisha Hogue

Donald Trump’s victory this week has spurred a lot of response from his supporters and opponents in the days since. And with each completed election, a new generation of voters analyze the effects of casting a ballot for the first time.   

Missouri State University freshmen Katherine Lenz, a Trump supporter, says her first voting experience was nerve-racking.

“I voted for him so it was really nerve racking looking at how close it was and the electoral college and how close those were too.”