Dr. David Cornelison

Dr. David Cornelison has been working as an educator and scientist in Arizona and Missouri universities for the last 25 years.  Since 2010, he has been the head of the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science at Missouri State University.  His research interests lie at the intersection of experimental condensed-matter physics and astrophysics, while his educational efforts have focused on outreach to the K-12 school system.   Most of all, he believes in curiosity-driven learning in the sciences and all other fields.

Dr. Anson Elliott

As Dr. Anson Elliott can tell you, Missouri State University has a long-standing role in the agricultural world of southwest Missouri.  The William H. Darr School of Agriculture, of which Anson is the Director, has extensive programs for students in such diverse areas as animal science, agribusiness and environmental plant studies. 

Shane Greenstein

As many of you know, the internet wasn’t always a series of ads bracketing content.  In fact, at the beginning it wasn’t even seen as a commercial enterprise.  But then, an amazing thing happened and, over the course of a decade and a half, the economic juggernaut we know today emerged.

William Harrison

Dr. William Harrison works to ensure the security of electronic systems.  As an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Missouri, he studies issues in electronics that pertain to equipment which is in wide use throughout society.

In fact, for certain critical components it is required that their security is verified.  That requirement motivated Dr. Harrison and his team to create ReWire, a programming language able to verify the security of electronic design.

Missouri State University

Dr. Michael Reed looks at stars. To be more specific, he and his team study stars to find out what makes them tick. His current research encompasses both exoplanet detection and the study of interacting binary systems.

Mike comes to the studio to discuss his work, and help us see the beauty in the heavens. He goes over the general background of a star’s life and then details his efforts to learn how pairs of stars are behaving in ways that don’t always seem to add up.

Dr. Roy Cantrell has plant science in his blood. Growing up on a farm, he has been interested in plants his whole life. Since joining Monsanto, he has been the lead on a number of their projects in crop development.

On the show, he takes us through the science behind Monsanto’s efforts in the modification of plant genetics. He also discusses concerns that might arise from their efforts, some of their programs in underdeveloped countries and what the future might hold.