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Han Zhao is a second year Global Studies graduate student at Missouri State University, with an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism. Han also teaches Media & Society at MSU. She has a strong interest in international politics and enjoys localizing international stories in the Ozarks. Her career goal is to become an international correspondent.

Han Zhao / KSMU

Dozens of students took their concerns over President Trump’s executive order on immigration to Sen. Roy Blunt’s office in Springfield this morning.

About 60 participated in the demonstration, many from Missouri State University, carrying signs in opposition to Trump’s temporary ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

One of the protesters, MSU alumnus Andy Sun, said it shouldn’t be about politics, but human beings.

Han Zhao / KSMU

Springfield was among the hundreds of cities worldwide Saturday where marchers raised their voice in support of women’s rights.

The grassroots movement, whose main march in Washington, D.C. drew an estimated 500,000 participants, invited individuals and organizations committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Estimates put the Springfield crowd at around 2,000.

Crystal Quade
Han Zhao / KSMU

Crystal Quade helped Democrats avoid a Republican sweep in Greene County Tuesday and kept blue the seat currently held by term-limited Charlie Norr. 

Quade says that joining a legislature with a Republican super majority means she’ll need to be able to work across the aisle.

“So that’s going to be my first step is to build those relationships so that whenever I start filing my bills, hopefully soon, so I can have bipartisan support on the issues that are important to me,” Quade continued.

Amendment 6 panel
Han Zhao / KSMU

“220,000 Missourians, that is a significant amount of people who would lose their access to the polling place, lose their voice, and lose their voting to choose who writes their legislation for them,” said Alex Johnson, a Drury University senior.

The statement by Johnson summarized the focus of Tuesday evening’s forum, presented by the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri. The event was branded Photo ID for Voters, It’s Not So Simple, and held at Drury’s Findlay Student Center Ballroom.

Hao Zan

A rally in Springfield Thursday night for Republican Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Eric Greitens drew a crowd of around 200 to the University Plaza Convention Center.

Among the supporters was 16-year-old Josh Blomquist.

"The reason that we support Greitens is because of what he's wanting to do with the schools and that he's pro life and that he's wanting to get rid of Common Core," he said.

Another was Scott Tune.