Han Zhao

News Volunteer

Han Zhao is a second year Global Studies graduate student at Missouri State University, with an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism. Han also teaches Media & Society at MSU. She has a strong interest in international politics and enjoys localizing international stories in the Ozarks. Her career goal is to become an international correspondent.


When the term “terrorism” appears almost daily on TV, radio, or news updates on our phones, the stories are associated with almost-routine violent acts. An assistant history professor at Missouri State University professor asks if what we know about terrorism is the only way to perceive it.

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” said Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi, who is from Nigeria.

Josh Hawley
Han Zhao / KSMU

By a nearly 30 percent margin, Josh Hawley won the Missouri attorney general nomination of the Republican Party Tuesday night.

“Erin and I are so honored by your confidence that you have placed in us,” said Hawley during his victory speech at Springfield’s Metropolitan Grill. “And we are honored to be able to carry the Republican message into the fall. It’s going to be a clear contrast in the fall.”

Han Zhao / KSMU

“A lot of people assume that codependency means you are in a bad relationship with another person. But really, what it comes down to, is being in an unhealthy relationship with oneself.” 

Julie Wrocklage, a recent Missouri State University counseling graduate, started practicing codependency counseling in early June. 

“Codependency really it’s looking outside of oneself for their worth, trying to find validation, find approval from other people, as opposed to building self-esteem from within,” said Wrocklage.

Han Zhao / KSMU

Even on a rainy Friday, tour tickets for the B-17 Bomber, one of the most iconic warplanes from World War II, still sold out. 

Hundreds of people attended the exhibit at the Springfield-Branson National Airport to embrace this historic icon. 

The aircraft is one of 10 airworthy B-17s remaining out of over 12,000 manufactured for combat during World War II.

The warbird carries many memories and sentiment from the war era. Many visitors came to the exhibit to immerse themselves and honor their loved ones. 

Han Zhao / KSMU

Hundreds gathered on Park Central Square on Saturday for the annual Greater Ozarks Pridefest. 

The event aims to increase public awareness of the LGBT community and to celebrate diversity with visibility. 

The crowd cheered as the host chanted “we stand tall, stand straight, stand together with Orlando!” This year’s event in Springfield came about a week after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida where 49 people were killed.