Mike Smith

News Producer, Host

Mike Smith's career at KSMU began in 1980 as a student announcer when the former Navy Submariner attended (then) SMSU with help from the GI Bill. In 1982 Smith became a full time member of the KSMU family as "Chief Announcer", responsible for the acquisition, training and scheduling of the student announcing staff. It was also in 1982 when Smith first produced "Seldom Heard Music" a broadcast of Bluegrass which is still heard on KSMU and ksmu.org every Saturday night at 7CT.

Until his retirement in 2006, Smith also served KSMU listeners as the stations Senior Producer and Director of News, receiving a 2005 Regional Edward R Murrow award for "Use of Sound" in a feature. Post retirement in a part time capacity, Smith produces the bi-monthly series Making A Difference Where You Live, and the business segments of KSMU's quarterly Sense of Community Series.

Ways to Connect

Mike Smith / KSMU-FM


A decade and a half long partnership between Public Radio KSMU and Silver Dollar City continues this Saturday May 28th, when the 15th Annual KSMU Youth in Bluegrass Band Contest gets underway.  This Year’s competition starts at 10:30 am inside SDC’s Opera House Theater, and will present 22 bands representing 9 states.   

Louise Knauer / Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Making a Difference; Stories of Hope and Help, is produced by Mike Smith on KSMU, with support from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

Wendy Steele is Chief Executive of Generosity Matters, a professional consultancy working with clients on how to live a more generous life.  Steele also created Impact 100, which pools the resources of at least 100 women, and sometimes men, to make a transformational grant. 

Mike Smith / KSMU-FM

KSMU Producer Mike Smith:  “As the KSMU Sense of Community continues to celebrate the Centennial Year of the National Park Service, we travel a little over 140 miles east of Springfield to Van Buren Missouri, where the Headquarters of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways is located.  ONSR was created by an act of Congress in 1964 to protect and preserve the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers.”

Mike Smith / KSMU-FM

Audio:  As we enter the building a large wooden door closes, followed by the voice of Holly Baker: 

“We are in what used to be the 2nd Infantry Barracks, but right now is serving as our museum and theater.  And this is where we have our brand new exhibit The Fight Over Freedom, the story of Ft. Scott during The Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War periods”

Matt Lemmon / Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Making a Difference; Stories of Hope and Help, is produced in cooperation with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.