Thomas McFarland

Thomas McFarland

Where do you go when you are still in high school and homeless? For many local teens the answer is the Rare Breed Drop-in Center in downtown Springfield. For Lecerius Hall, this was a shelter from a step dad who was involved in illegal substances and abused his mother. Rare Breed offered a place to “cool off and have someone to talk to about problems at home.”

Many teens in the Ozarks have had to resort to shelters and transitional homes like Rare Breed to avoid living on the streets and to find a support system that will believe in them.

Missouri Department of Conservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation is reminding citizens of its annual campaign that aims to reduce conflict with the region’s Black Bear population.

MDC Spokesman Francis Skalicky says Black Bears are an intricate part of the beauty of the Ozarks.

“Seeing a bear in the wild is a neat experience and there is nothing wrong with getting a camera to take a picture of it, get a video camera to take a video of it, but do not try to encourage this animal to stay around your home by putting out food,” Skalicky says.